9/11 alarm clock

What time is it?

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Terrorist (#2224)
Haha, When twin towers were destroyed I lol. We are heroes.
Anonymous (#2228)
weak as my hangover shit
Anonymous (#2229)
The sun would be higher in the sky at 9:11 a.m.
Anonymous (#2233)
If someone will ever arrive to know your face,
you better run fast man....
Somebody might get very pissed off.
Anonymous (#2237)
is this really the best he can come up with?
Anonymous (#2238)
@2229 It would technically be night in pakistan. YOU LOSE YOU U INFIDEL! LUUUUUUUULZ
Anonymous (#2240)
@2238 Ever heard of time zones?
Anonymous (#2241)
mejim (#6203)
I scream Allahu Akbar when i see infidels blown into pieces.
Fuck americunt!

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