Perfect date: cucumber and wine

Perfect date

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Crazykiller (#2210)
Interesting. I dont know why she using a cucumber, Quite sure she capable of getting a boyfriend. Its worst for men, We have to put up with the bitching all day everyday. Honestly the money i spend on my gf could pay for prostitutes. Another thing I noticed why isn't she in the kitchen? Pretty misleading.
Anonymous (#2213)
not funny
Anonymous (#2214)

Shut your fucking face.

Sincerely yours,
Crazykiller (#2215)
I was not trying to be funny I was making a point. If you read any of my comments I have a point I and add a slighly dash of humour. To elaborate for you, Its harder to maintain a girlfriend then it is for a girl to maintain a boyfriend.
Anonymous (#2218)
It's pretty hard to understand jokes when you're busy at the kitchen, huh?
Anonymous (#2219)
How about you two nigs stop playing footsie and just suck the cum out of each other's minuscule dick already?
Crazykiller (#2220)
Ignorance is bliss. Where do i start, First off i'm not black. You should'nt make a accusation like that. Second only a diluted Americunt would say that, Real tough aren't you hidden behind a computer. I'll kick your head. Your probably some fat fuck with no life.
Anonymous (#2221)
Look out everybody! We got a couple of bad asses here.
Anonymous (#2222)
"Real tough hidden behind a computer screen" First off, You're also hidden behind a compute screen... Second off, People call one another niggers/nigs, GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Ooh! next sentence!
"I'll kick your head." What the FUCK has that have to do with any of this?
"Your probably some fat fuck with no life" First off, Its you're not your. Secondly, he has the same probability To say your a fat fuck. You also made an accusation like when he called you a nigger....

-End long ranting comment
Anonymous (#2223)
I think at the end of the day Crazykiller trolled you. I reckon he did that on purpose to see if anyone would react.
Anonymous (#2225)
obvious samefag is obvious.
Anonymous (#2226)
For an example of why Pigroll is total shit now, please see everything above this post.
Anonymous (#2230)
#2226 mistakenly thinks his post should be excluded from the list of posts that stink.
Crazykiller (#2231)
Haha, My mission is complete. I was'nt angry at the guy who called me a "nig". I purposely made spelling mistakes to see some grammar nazi correct me. Trolled you like a boss.
Anonymusk (#2232)
Roff with 2226 - this thread is read between the lines.

Composition and model props to the photog.
Anonymous (#2236)
Apparently the definition of "trolling" has been diluted to include all forms satire or acrimony no matter how simplistic or transparent.

Noted like a boss.
Anonymous (#2242)
René Chapus (#2244)
Well, i like chocolate bars thought.
Anonymous (#2252)
Looks more like Crazykiller, the self-proclaimed troll, got trolled by @2219.
Crazykiller (#2253)
Nah bro, I bring trolling to a whole new level. It's very unlikely that I get angry at what people say, The main reason for that is I don't give a flying fuck. Now if I were Americunt I would be finding ways to sue people for small things.
Anonymous (#2258)
Crazykiller claims that she wasn't trolled, but continues the defensiveness.

Troll'd troll is troll'd.
Anonymous (#2259)
#2253 Well, i'm pretty sure your not american, seeing noone has sued you for your lack of length.
Anonymous (#2260)
No, you bring being a douche to a whole new level... First off, despite the fact I'm a guy, the whole kitchen thing is getting really old. Try coming up with something remotely original, that every 10 year old alive hasn't already said... And generally people who don't give a fuck don't get as defensive as you do, or keep coming back to see what people have to say about their posts... And claiming that you are a troll after you get trolled doesn't redeem you, because that obviously isn't the case. If it is the case, you are one of the shittiest trolls I have seen... You are not funny, or informative... You are just a loser with absolutely nothing going for you. At all... Prick
Anonymous (#2264)
@Crazykiller men like you are the reason she's using a cucumber.
Crazykiller (#2268)
Anonymous (#2295)
I'd just like to say.How the internet has such great entertainment value. I mean whats better than reading the rantings of multiple persons who are socially retarded? When you're bored as shit. Now back to having a life thanks all....
Anonymous (#2300)
On a scale of 1 to 10 why are Americunts retarded. 1 being fucking retarded and 10 being absolutely fucking retarded.
Anonymous (#2424)
i said 2 words and i came back to see all this
the internet has disappointed me
Anonymous (#2447)
Hahahah~ a wonderful cheeky photo from before the internet and even before USENET.

All you kids can't appreciate your uncle's humor because you cannot imagine a world without instant gratification! .. and other things too, you stupid fucks. I hate your shallow humor and I hate your television banter. Most of you fucks can barely read your mother tongue, let alone appreciate cheeky witty humor in whatever your first language is. Even worse, you probably know only 2 languages at most, and who actually studies Latin anymore? (Greek and Latin comprise 40 percent of modern English)

I can't quite tell you to "grow up" since you are already pretty mature, but you have no sense of history. Where is my pithy insult about lacking history?

Hmm, "You fucks don't know shit?" ... That's not witty, but I guess my point is clear. Sort of. Maybe. Geez, I hate the marginalized and compromised half-speaking of your television language. You stupid kids can't express yourselves because you have no vaunted models of self expression! Go learn Latin and read Cicero for a start.

Woops, a few drinks and Uncle T gets talkative ...
Anonymous (#2470)
Anonymous (#6479)
how about fuck all your kids

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