Quality of foreign news reports on FOX News 🔍 zoom

Quality of foreign news reports on FOX News

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Anonymous (#2050)
Fake, therefore pathetic instead of funny.
Anonymous (#2051)
still beats looking at that dike maddow
Anonymous (#2052)
If it wasn't fox news, it might be fake.
Anonymous (#2055)
Fake and dumb.
René Chapus (#2056)
As a french citizen, i enjoy this shit!
but it appears it is fake so.. (-)
Anonymous (#2060)
Irony or hypocrisy? (#2061)
Yes, the 'point' is - You just did what you accuse FOX news of doing...
Carina (#2062)
So funny! It's a great spoof on Fox "News" maybe it will help awaken people from their brainwashed state. Or maybe they'll just keep consuming and defending propoganda, yum.
Crazykiller (#2063)
As a Australia killer citizen, I find this very funny. It seems it fake like aids. Aids arent real.
Anonymous (#2092)
Fake, but could be true.
Anonymous (#2316)
"Fake but accurate" is a well known liberal argument. Nobody else is "missing the point."
Anonymous (#2317)
The point here is defined by words: "satire" and "parody". You might wanna look them up.
Anonymous (#2684)
AIDS is real, it is a deficiency of the auto immune system, not a virus or a pathogen. It is a state of being with numerous causes, like high blood pressure or ignorance.

I believe you're referring to the HIV virus which, yet again, is very real. Just like the holocaust. Crawl back under your rock.
Anonymous (#3258)
what is this? a post for ants?

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