9/11 shirt

9/11 shirt

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Anonymous (#1993)
paradoxially, I find this shirt funny, but if I ever saw this man, I would kick him to the ground.
Terrorist (#1995)
The man is hope for Iran. Fucking dirty Americans eating your donuts. Sum call us terrorists others hereos. Your government is blinding you from the truth.
Anonymous (#1996)
Purely my own opinion. Yes, 9/11 was a tragic event, yes they were terrorists, and yes, Americans should get the fuck over it. Japan had a massive tsunami last year. It's been ONE year, and I haven't heard shit. I can't go one WEEK without hearing about how 9/11 was horrible.
René Chapus (#1997)
Niiiiiice shirt o/
Anonymous (#2000)
@1993. Watch out, we got a badass over here.
The Sharing Jew. (#2002)
@2000. Tell your mother I said hi.
Anonymous (#2006)
.... i have the weird urge to war the president about #1995.... mmmmyep.
Anonymous (#2007)
um i meant warn the n key is broken
Anony Moose (#2008)
welcome to the internet. where everyone is who they aren't and everyone's a retard winning the special olympics. fight fight fight on the screen and maybe you win in your mind but in the end.. doesn't matter at all. just like a tard in the olympics
Terrorist (#2014)
2006 & 2007#
Your government(assuming your Americunt) is so retarded. The government was told you'll going 2 get attacked and did nothing about it. Phyics predicts it was going 2 happen government did NOTHING. Americunts are fat and stupid generalisation. Furthermore TELL your government there will do jack, Oh wait they'll raid my house for oil. Just like there going 2 do with kony.
Anonymous (#2019)

*you're an.
*you were.
*'to' not '2'.

At least put some effort in, son.
Anonymous (#2021)
@2014 why would they raid your house for oil? Is there that much in your greasy unwashed scumbag hair? try getting along with others instead of raping, censoring and murdering those who want to practice another religion, show some skin and God forbid... want to live in peace. try some tolerance
Crazykiller (#2026)
Omg classic. 2021# just got trolled. Why you mad bro? Rhetorical question, It's because you have a HUGE ego, with a small penis, Emphasis on huge and small. Now stop you bitching and whining. I would like to say, This Terrorist person is just trying to gets some laughs, and your just egging him on. Now smarten up mate and learn not to bite.
Crazykiller (#2027)
Your* ^
Anonymous (#2031)
@2021 Fag
Anonymous (#2032)
Wtf.. why is everyone getting all bent out of shape? Or is this all one person doing this over and over? I'm lost. I'm going now to drink toilet water.
Anonymous (#2045)
He's wearing this shirt to distract people from looking his face!
He's fucking ugly!
Anonymous (#2093)
it was a inside job, u morons!-____________- nice shirt! #REALTALK
alienM (#4015)
OMG, I want this shirt, it's awesome! xD

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