No fat chicks

No fat chicks

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Anonymous (#2049)
Shouldn't the police woman be in cuffs too?
Anonymous (#2110)
Lady cop should be in the kitchen. Its the law.
Anonymous (#3916)
#2049 - She's not fat..
Anonymous (#3921)
Looks like fun to me.
fat girls are people too (#4458)
this is so fucked up. us large women are a whole lot of woman bundled up in a bigger woman's body. we have large personalities hidden behind our even larger bellies. you guys are so fucked up. FAT GIRLS ROCK! YIPPIIEEE!!
Anonymous (#4632)
fucking hate fat fucks there a burden to society ….taking up to much room
Matin (#6233)
Shit i want some sloppy bbw head
Anonymous (#6322)
An ex gf of mine was a "fat chick" as in she'd get fat really easily and it would show because she was 5ft. The reason I stayed with her was because her fat would go STRAIGHT TO HER TITS AND ASS. She had the body shape of a black woman and the looks of an Irish Russian Latina. She was sexy as fuck and I'm going to go jerk off to the memory of her giant jiggly ass and heavy, soggy pendulous tits that I'd watch during doggystyle. I remember when we watched Transformers together. I fucked her through the whole movie, from start to end credits and looping DVD menu.

By the way half way through our relationship she tried to pretend that she'd never tried anal and wanted me to take her "virginity". (Baggiest virginity I've ever met) I put it in 1 stroke and she sort of went "ooh... ow" (terrible actress) pulled it half way out, thrust it back in and she turned into an animal. She obviously lived with a giant, black vibrator stored up there. She was WELL broken in.

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