Fuck the police

Fuck the police

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Anonymous (#1934)
BAHAHAHA!! Best one in a long time!
Anonymous (#1935)
I wonder if fatty here knows that's not marijuana.
Anonymous (#1938)
They see him rollin'.
Anonymous (#1941)
HAHAHAHA I would like to see a video of him smoking it too!
Crazykiller (#1950)
What a dumb dropkick, I believe you are allowed to have two plants for medical reason in some states. He's probably got depression because he's so overweight and has never been laid, So he needs weed. Cretin.
Anonymous (#1952)
Crazy, it's not even Marijuana. This kid is a dropkick, fat AND retarded
Crazykiller (#1963)
#1952. Yea cheers bro. I was also gonna say that but forgot, Was getting blazed at the time haha.
Anonymous (#1967)
Sharing is caring man :P
Crazykiller (#1970)
I use to be a stoner, Until i took a arrow to the knee. Now i'm a crackhead.
Anonymous (#1986)
Over-used, unfunny and gay, Crazykiller.

Lots of love-
Crazykiller (#1990)
Yea i know pretty gay joke. Over abused joke is what you mean.

Lots of love
Mass murder Crazykiller
Anonymous (#2167)
this kids a fake a bitch. have a happy Friday
Anonymous (#2330)
dumb ,fat , dopey-eyed fuck (prob from smoking that house plant!!)
Skitzo (#2563)
that is NOT weed...
Anonymous (#2810)
funny how it ain't fuckin weed doe
Anonymous (#2873)
you know how many people have already say that shit
Anonymous (#3071)
Jedediasz (#3394)
Photo from Poland :D
Anonymous (#4286)
Anonymous (#5082)
who is that?

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