Muslim woman LOLing


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Anonymous (#1734)
I don´t get it!????
Anonymous (#1737)
Me neither... anyone care to explain to two derp's?
Anonymous (#1738)
It's supposed to be from the point of view of the woman. She lol'd. But you can't tell because her face is completely covered.
Ed (#1739)
No matter what her reaction or mood is, she will always look the same.
Anonymous (#1744)
Rol! I got it now!
Thanks for explaining.
Anonymous (#1747) - A place where old fags and new fags practice consensual sex.
Anonymous (#1760)
Can'y you see my happy face? I'm happy...
Anonymous (#2520)
She has freedom of covering her face as the naked women have the freedom of being naked! And look at the old Jewish Hijab, it's the same.
Anonymous (#2891)
um wtf i dont get this

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