Three invisible dicks of Sarah Palin

Three invisible dicks

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Anonymous (#582)
i laughed so hard :D:D:D
Anonymous (#2116)
I knew it
Anonymous (#2261)
look up nailin pailin. that actually happened!
Anonymous (#2913)
Must be liberals' dicks in her hands, considering how small her fists are...
Anonymous (#2914)
Yeah, and Romneys dick in her mouth :D
G (#3059)
All of those dicks belong to, Mitt Romney, John McCain and George Bush.
Anonymous (#3224)
Looking up from black mics.. thinking of black dicks again.
Anonymous (#5629)
. . . or one ENORMOUS dick.
Anonymous (#6740)
Doing 3 at once, actually 4 at once, was done by "Ivory Snow" girl Marilyn Chambers in the 70's porn flick 'Behind The Green Door'.

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