Romanian woman with a log of wood

USA vs. Romania

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Anonymous (#1546)
this is fucking fiction.
my girlfriend is from romania and she does it with just 1 arm
Anonymous (#1547)
OHH I GET IT! Romania's country is too poor to afford a kitchen so she's BUILDING one!
Anonymous (#1548)
okay, i had to run suicides while carrying a really light medicine ball over my head with my arms like theirs are, and let me tell you it was fucking 3000 times harder than it looks. i'd rather run 15 normal miles than 1 mile the way they have to carry that log. it's not so much the heaviness as just having some resistance there and holding your arms like that.
and they're in much better shape than i am, i'm certain. you assholes should try carrying even the lightest thing like that while running, you'd probably have a different opinion if you did.
end long ranting message.
Anonymous (#1549)
Nobody cares. I'm sure an average Romanian woman doesn't look like the one on the picture either. Or caries wood. But this is a joke and it's supposed to be funny.
Anonymous (#1552)
1548 is a troll.
Andore (#1554)
romanian girls knows to handle wood ;)
Anonymous (#1557)
@1549, he's just making a point, so why rant at him? kinda makes you the troll now, doesn't it?
Anonymous (#1558)
His point is "Romanian women aren't stronger than American soldiers, you assholes!" What a great point.
Anonymous (#1560)
I would say Romanian women are stronger than any American Platoon
Chris (#1566)
How do you know this woman is Romanian?
Anonymous (#1590)
I can tell by a few pixels and seeing quite a few Romanian women in my time.
RomaniaProletar (#1824)
American is just weak like a rats...and also american dont know nothing about romanian peasants,we are worker and strong ,american is weak and sick (MC donald)...long live work class and romanian red army
RomaniaProletar (#1959)
Just kidding, I like to troll a lot... I wish people would just accept me...
dafuq? (#2809)
did anybody catch the fact that she's sporting a snapback? lulz
Anonymous (#3396)
Those are sailors going through Hell Week (indoc for SEALs), not soldiers.
asdfga (#3948)
ROMA(nia) is motherland of gypsies

Anonymous (#4899)
This image has been around for a while, and the other country is always different. Sometimes the woman is in Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, Poland or Hungary. In addition, the image of the American men is cropped, so you don't know what is attached or on that log.

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