Mommy's birthday

Mommy's birthday

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Anonymous (#1542)
let me guess ... america ?
Anonymous (#1544)
definitely south america
Anonymous (#1545)
Well, it appears that Mommmy knows what she is doing .. lol. And you know how expensive baby sitting is ?
Anonymous (#1550)
cmon mommy show us what a "deep throat" is!!!
Anonymous (#1551)
am i the only one who watched porn after seeing this?
Anonymous (#1553)
No, I watched porn a few hours after I saw this.

However, you were the only one who fapped to the pigroll image results of the keyword "dick".
Anonymous (#1580)
Anonymous (#1621)
this is child abuse
Anonymous (#1729)
WTF!! This is how hookers are born!
Anonymous (#1966)
wtf.. that kid will be scarred for life! And no doubt be a prostitute! #bad mum award!!
Highgchooler (#2124)
I'd hit it
Anonymous (#2201)
"let me guess America" FUCK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Traccii (#2482)
I'm gonna get that for Steve's mom,
only the cake will be on my crotch as
I'm under the table...
Gwen (#2484)
I can't wait for my big surprise bday cake Traccii!!
lt. Slackjaw (#2485)
Classic Viger family reunion
Elyse N (#2486)
I use to have a cake like that every Friday with my little brother Mat.
I'll leave out our family name since I know what discretion is!
Black Tux (#2487)
The cake on the right is for the guy
In the white tux.
always right (#2510)
Cake on the right ------> Lily's next b-day
Anonymous (#2621)
Yum! She's not even doing it right! ^_~
Anonymous (#2741)
Child prostitute training in some asian 3rd world dump. Empowered women & girls
Anonymous (#3111)
Anonymous (#3474)
Don't do that it in front of kids
Anonymous (#3479)
America's patriots are grown
TheOne (#3517)
She looks Hispanic...The little girl looks freaked-out and the one with the white shirt in the background looks a little turned-on by the sensual act. Bottom line is that this B!tch needs a man to please her! ;)
jolo (#4437)
damn I want to be that cake

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