Hi, I'm Jesus Christ and welcome to Jackass

Hi, I'm Jesus Christ and welcome to Jackass

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Anonymous (#1538)

Anonymous (#1576)
i can hear the melody... so great! :D
Evi (#1666)
I love this one so much, I made it my Desktop wallpaper. ;)
M (#1667)
Common! Share ur wallpaper with everyone!
Anonymous (#1877)
This is disgusting and offensive. please take this off.
Anonymous (#2046)
people says "ohhh don't joke with jesus" i say "COMEONNNNNNNNNNNN!!! JESUS IS SO FUNNY " aiushdiahduahusdhsaihdiuhda
Anonymous (#2302)
Fucking hilarious, I wonder if he will also fly a kite out of his ass XD
Anonymous (#3248)
all I have to say is im agnostic and this is sad. if jesus was all bullshit then oh well hahaha but if hes real. well. its a big fall to hell. good luck.
Anonymous (#7615)
Who the fuck is Jesus?

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