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Anonymous (#1160)
Yeah, 'bout fucking right
Anonymous (#1480)
you idiot the text in the bible has words to symbolize does actually mean "eat his flesh" you are such an idiot. wow it suprizes me how dumb people can be
Anonymous (#1790)
@1480: "Transubstantiation". That is all.
Anonymous (#1823)
@ #1480 - If you're gonna call people dumb you should a) learn to correctly write a sentence, because if you read what you wrote before the quotations, it makes no sense; and b) It's SURPRISE, actually, not SUPRISE. Your faith is strong, grasshopper, but your grammar is weak.
Anonymous (#2043)
I can't even believe someone would have the nerve to put this online. I will pray for them because Satan has a strong hold on them.
Anonymous (#2089)
Ah, but this is a spiritual belief, the competing "Athiesm" poster makes more sense because Atheism is supposed to follow the laws of science.
Anonymous (#2101)
Jesus forgot his safe word.
Anonymous (#2130)
I swear, Atheists are all the same. It's okay though. I'm not the one who has to worry.
Crazykiller (#2401)
# 2130, Millions of people believe there is a invisible man named "god" in the sky, No one questions it. But if you told someone theres paint on the table people have to touch it to believe it. Let me ask you a question, Why does god cause pain and suffering to Africa? When their have clearly done nothing to aggravate " God ". People believe in "God" because it's a false sense of hope.
nukeVaticano (#2469)
people with imaginary friends are stupid
Anonymous (#2536)
Anonymous (#2537)
F.Y.I. any person in his/her deathbed or is in a middle of a huge trouble or heartache only calls to God and seeks God for help and salvation. you can never think about any other person or any atheist or science when you're dying or helpless. and that is a FACT. the bible can precisely explain science which you can prove yourself once you read it, but science can not and can never explain the bible which is exactly why science comes up with all these so called bright ideas about the bible or God being lame or false and all that crap coz science is all about LOGIC. BUT GUESS WHAT? YOU DON'T NEED LOGIC ONCE YOU MISTAKE YOUR OWN SICK FANTASY FOR WISDOM PERIOD(eihctarg)
Anonymous (#2570)
i find it sad that you've took the time, your making a BIG mistake. when the raptures come, you will relize, this makes me so sick.
Anonymous (#2972)
I find it sad that you can neither spell nor use correct grammar! Go play with the traffic you god bothering cunts. There is no god. Never has been. Never will be.
Praying to something that doesn't exist - well done!
It seems to be a common thread that dumb-ass, inbred morons are the ones who bleat on and on about god, Jesus and all that shite! Science is obviously too difficult to understand!
Duh duh dur dur - go fuck yourselves and fuck your imaginary messiah you dumb cunts!
Anonymous (#2973)
My name is satan and I approve of this post.
Fuck y'all!
Come pray to meeeeeeee!
I can promise you that there's much more fun in hell than there is anywhere else!
Water into wine???? Pah! I serve crack and meth from a hooker's ass crack - yummy
Anonymous (#3102)
Funny how I do not see any of these for allah and the prophet. It is because you all are scared to offend the muslims. LOL. But since its cool to bash Christianity people get off on that. Its a shame really. Pussies and hypocrites all.
Anonymous (#3281)
people people peeeeeople...there's no point fighting bout' it...i think it's kinda funny that someone could see it in that way. Now lets all let it go and move on with our lives:) mm'kay??
Anonymous (#3363)
Still makes more sense tan this: Atheism- the belief that there was nothing & nothing happened to nothing & then nothing magically exploded for no reason creating everything & then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason which then turned into dinosaurs.
mike l (#3758)
were all in the same shit. but if thers a god then is he not a alien?

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