Chick with a dick

Can't be unseen

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Anonymous (#1230)
still worth it
Anonymous (#1231)
Someone's knee.
Anonymous (#1232)
Thanks, we all needed explanation cause we're some fucking retards.
Anonymous (#1242)
Thanks, we all needed explanation of @1231's cognitive handicap cause we're some fucking retards.
Captain Obvious (#1246)
Hi! :)
Anonymous (#1249)
@1231 = @1246?
Francois (#1586)
This may be inapropriate, but the light on her knee makes it look like you have an average size penis.
Anonymous (#1825)
loves how captain obvious denied saying anything obvious
HAHAHAAH!! for a split second i thought she had a peen!!
Anonymous (#6324)
I'd let Bailey Jay suck my penis. I have a confession to make... I've jerked off to Bailey Jay jerking off... but the second she/he gets anything up his/her ass I have to stop. I just can't help but imagine the man ass smell. Men and women's asses smell different to each other and I've read and heard from people that transsexuals keep that... "man smell"... Maybe things would be different in real life. Only one way to find out..
Anonymous (#6325)
By "man smell" I mean "man breath" too, that manly saliva smell.

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