Swimming - you're doing it wrong

Swimming - you're doing it wrong

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Anonymous (#435)
this isn't funny.She's dead from the tsunami in 2004.
Anonymous (#1066)
what the hell is wrong with you this isn't a funny picture... you make me sick
Anonymous (#1320)
Made me laugh, you've got to admit she is doing it wrong!
Anonymous (#1432)
I agree 1320. You have to laugh at people doing things wrong, to keep the balance in nature!
Anonymous (#1488)
this isnt funny its disrespect
Anonymous (#1509)
It is sad, sick and wrong.

But it's also just a little funny....
Anonymous (#1561)
THIS IS SO MESSED UP and not funny at alllllllllllllllllllllll >:[
Anonymous (#1562)
THIS IS SO MESSED UP and not funny at alllllllllllllllllllllll >:[
Anonymous (#1658)
this girl are dead !!!
Anonymous (#1714)

Yeah. Ats funny
Anonymous (#1717)
i wanted to comment; "did she died?" but i was laughing too hard.
Anonymous (#1894)
they say plenty more fish in the see ifound my 'fish' shes great i mean she dont even argue she just lets me fuck her
Anonymous (#2713)
It's funny because she's dead and you're not supposed to be dead. LOLZ TROLOLO SO FUNY
Anonymous (#2974)
Jesus H Christ people - if you're offended go find a Christian chat room to look at. Stop your whiney ass bitching and grow a sense of humour already!
Fucking assholes!
Anonymous (#3356)
anonymous 2974
I hope your kid later drowns and all people just laughe at you, your messed up and don't deserve a place in this world
Dennis (#3406)
What does being or not being a christian have to do with it. Even atheist would kick your ass for that crap. Nothing funny about it.
Anonymous (#4290)
hahaha, i get it now. she is not swimming right because she is dead!
Anonymous (#6756)
Disgusting. How could you find this funny?
Anonymous (#8282)
Love Yourself bro.

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