A guy taking a picture of himself taking a picture of himself

How I managed to take this picture

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Anonymous (#1373)
brilliantly forever alone
Anonymous (#1821)
If you look at the last two pictures, you'll notice that in one picture the mirror is over the edge of the laptop with the edge of the desk right next to it, while in the picture without the mirror, there is too much space shown to have the mirror off the camera without it falling.
Result? His mom took the picture.
Anonymous (#1822)
You're an idiot. Both pictures were taken by the same camera: the one visible in the mirror and located behind his back. The mirror on the last picture is there only to show how the previous picture was made. On the previous picture there is no mirror cause there is no need for it.

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All images were stolen found on /b/.
There's some OC over there, though ---------->