Dog challenges Sasha Grey

Challenge accepted

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Anonymous (#938)
needs moar drool
Anonymous (#943)
Couldn't you put any porn star's picture there? Or is she known for loving balls or something?
Anonymous (#944)
She's known for being down with any extreme shit you can only think about.
Anonymous (#946)
Hey babe, what's your number?
Anonymous (#950)
whats her name?!
Anonymous (#951)
Just look at the tags.
Anonymous (#962)
She's a goddess.
Anonymous (#975)
Goddess isnt the word for Sasha Grey <3
Anonymous (#1001)
im am number 1000 yeah
Anonymous (#1224)
Anonymous (#3967)
That dog doesn't stand a chance! Oh thats right she doesn't do porn anymore! That dog still doesn't stand a chance. WHORES FOREVER forever whores!

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