Obama's Foot Long Sausage

Obama's Foot Long Sausage

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Anonymous (#918)
Anonymous (#919)
Anonymous (#921)
It's funny, because Obama's skullfucked every American with his corn dog.
Anonymous (#922)
Mines Bigger (#923)
I make Obama's look like a baby's.
Anonymous (#925)
How do you know what a baby's looks like?
Mines Bigger (#926)
@925 imagination derp, It's a baby, babies are small, ego babies has small cock. You logical is flawed.
Anonymous (#927)
Vote Ron Paul.
Anonymous (#931)
Vote Adolf Stalin
Anonymous (#935)

You are both retarded stfu and get lost.
Anonymous (#942)
u mad bro?
Anonymous (#949)
u gay bro? No says that anymore QQ.
Anonymous (#958)
Yeah, you mad.
Anonymous (#960)
@958 u gay bro? U write gay you probs look gay aswell recommend you kill yourself.
Anonymous (#966)

Anonymous (#967)
He doesn't even know what grammar is brah.

Just let him be mad. He mad.
Zyzz (#1019)
i'm alive guys, U mirin me.
Anonymous (#1026)
4 moar years! 4 moar years, 4 moar years! suck it bachmann!
americunt (#1766)
I would do her.
Anonymous (#2262)
mrs. ackerman?
Anonymous (#2526)
Obama is a niggardly 'coon and fucked the nation in every hole (and then some), not because he's a socialist, but because he's nigger. Niggers can't avoid pluging every hole they find.
Tshark (#2860)
@2526 At least he can do and talk better than you, monsiuer racist.
Phiber Optik (#4202)
> How do you know what a baby's looks like?

What he meant was Obama's looks like a baby's arm with an apple in its fist.

Phiber Optik
Anonymous (#4293)
Seems like hill billy rascist love using that word nigger so much they should start calling each other nigger cause they act like niggas and are completely ignorant

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