Calculator fap

Calculator fap

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René Chapus (#744)
Ahahah this one is good x')
Anonymous (#747)
Would someone explain the "FAP" to me? It occurred to me that it might indicate the person in the cartoon is masturbating, but that would be lame even for this website.
Anonymous (#748)
Not sure if trolling, but GTFO if not. Or should I explain GTFO to you too?
Anonymous (#749)
well put fuckin well put
Anonymous (#750)
No, but you could explain "FAP" to me. Unless you don't get it, either...
Anonymous (#751)
I just looked up "FAP" on the Urban Dictionary website: according to them, "FAP" is "the onomatopoeic representation of male masturbation."

@748: you can find the definition of "onomatopoeia" in any dictionary (and you KNOW you need to, you dumb, hostile fuck).
Anonymous (#755)
New to the internet?
Anonymous (#757)
Sweden's minister for finance. lol.
Anonymous (#797)
what the hell... I don't get it.
Anonymous (#1321)
Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was an E-meter...

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