Dilemma: nice tits but ugly face


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Anonymous (#688)
Bag it up.. No Big Deal...
Anonymous (#689)
Pretty... ...obviously Photo-Shopped.
Anonymous (#691)
that is a woman... right?
Anonymous (#692)
if you're sure it got no dick...
René Chapus (#693)
i'll take the chair
Madousieph (#694)
I'll take everything !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous (#695)
OMFG no thanks!
Anonymous (#700)
Paper bags were made for these moments
Anonymous (#705)
This looks shopped.
Anonymous (#1161)
Bit of make up, glasses off, new hairdo, eyebrows plucked, good to go!
Anonymous (#1180)
I would
Anonymous (#1228)
yeah... no doubt about it
Anonymous (#1244)
Not sure if want
Anonymous (#1519)
Put a bag on her head
Anonymous (#1752)
No problem, after all you don't look at the mantle piece when stoking the fire.
Anonymous (#1845)
Meh shes not that bad face wise. Could be A LOT worse.
Anonymous (#1975)
Dont turn her down, turn her around....
Anonymous (#2048)
What dilemma? Hit it from the back.
Anonymous (#2059)
2 bags incase one falls off.
Ibombanation (#2347)
It's a very skilled photoshop. look very closely at the hair in his/her forehead.
Anonymous (#2791)
I'd fuck her
Anonymous (#3012)
Just cause she doesn't have the face you hoped she'd have doesn't mean its photoshopped. I've seen people with amazing bodies & hideous faces-- much worse than this one-- & its usually due to lip injections, bad makeup, or just ugly 70s glasses.
Anonymous (#3310)
Now where did I put that grocery bag?
TheOne (#3544)
She is naturally pretty, but in the picture she looks a little bit silly because she is tucking her upper lips inside her mouth...But damn she is really "HOT" and she has a great body..!
I would be with this girl and meditate all day and night with her...Cheers! =D
jizzbomb (#4876)
i'd jizz all over her nerdy face after a good tittyfuck
Anonymous (#5650)
That's a photoshopped nerdy guy. Girls with bodies like that don't typically look like him.
Anonymous (#6323)
What's the dilemma? Hot face, hot body. I started wondering if there was something scary on the wall in the background?
Anonymous (#6700)
I'd fuck her all day ,

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