Science lab full of African Americans

This looks shooped

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Anonymous (#511)
dumb. and it's 'shopped' not 'shooped'.
Anonymous (#512)
Pigroll (#513)
New to teh internetz?
Anonymous (#514)
Anonymous (#537)
Nope. You can tell it's real because there's a computer monitor right by the sink. In fact that may be whay they are testing, the mixture of electronics and water.
Anonymous (#571)
this is in africa!!!!no photoshop <_<
Anonymous (#778)
@513 Pigroll HAS SPOKEN!!!
Anonymous (#2758)
Fake and Gay!
Anonymous (#2920)
Every nigger thinking: "what the fuck am I looking at? what the hell am I doing here?"
Anonymous (#3415)
dude i've been in pigroll for 15 minutes and i've already seen at least 8 extremely racist "jokes" wats wrong of people!?
Anonymous (#3566)
Another stupid racist meme made by a low IQ social outcast imbecile who still thinks that it's the jungle everywhere in Africa and that all blacks are uneducated and stupid. By the way, have you ever been to Africa ?
yourdadsafag (#4092)
@3566 You mad bro?
Anonymous (#4123)
so many racist posts that aren't even funny... I wonder how low your IQ has to be to be amused by something like that. incestous hillbilly scum.

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