This is what you look right now

This is what you look right now

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Anonymous (#506)
Anonymous (#507)
wrong, i'm in bed with the lappy on my chest
Anonymous (#508)
Lies. im laying on my bed, and my keyboard and mouse are wireless.
Anonymous (#509)
Worked for me!
Anonymous (#510)
Incorrect. I'm spread eagle with my webcam up my asshole.
Anonymous (#516)
I have a laptop...
Anonymous (#517)
Ive got my cock out ...
Anonymous (#543)
pretty much exactly except I'm right-handed
Anonymous (#545)
Anonymous (#953)
indeed it works for me
Anonymous (#1148)

so is the guy in the pic you fuckin idiot
Anonymous (#1358)
what sorcery is this ?O_o
Anonymous (#1499)
On the spot! (except mirrorred)
FreeTheEnslaved (#2682)
0_0 you got it right except my lappy is resting on my legs balancing on my stomach but my hand is exactly where it is in the pic
Your friend (#2905)
No.False. Lying on my back with my laptop om my chest. My right hand on the scroller. My left hand tugging my penis repeatedly.
Arafindjabc (#2991)
AndreTheGiant (#2999)
Got me, spot on!

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