Men: what the fuck happened?

Men: what the fuck happened?

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zoonimal (#418)
fairly simple really : women went gaga over 'queer eye for the straight guy' > which produced metrosexuality > which tainted the recycling of goth > producing emo. the success of the twilight franchise feeds off this fire : modern woman likes her straight man gay.
Anonymous (#420)

Anonymous (#422)
@418: I like my men as MEN. Not "on the fence" or "best of both worlds." (though I do think the recycling of goth produced emo, I'll give you that.)
Anonymous (#424)
I think all the smoking killed them off.
zoonimal (#426)
hey don't shoot the messenger. I look at what's going on and laugh. the current 'gay' look for guys is a result of what I said above pushed by those who know how to profit from it. like it or not.
Lola (#427)
I dont particularly like it. I want my men to look and be a Men.. Sadly most chicks go for the dude with the eyeliner.. Get to share make up I suppose..
Anonymous (#453)
Exactly as @418 said. Women prefer their straight men to look gay. I asked my wife if shed prefer me to wax and tan spike my hair up, guess what she said? After she said yes, I said "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
Anonymous (#473)
Black people...
Anonymous (#622)
Women don't want a MAN anymore. They want a walking, talking, obedient, money dispensing, fashion accessory. Pretty much a glorified Ken doll.
Anonymous (#1036)
dear people! welcome to 21th century...want true men? then create time machine and go back to prehistory..

AND oh...

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous (#1146)
its the parents , every own wants there kids to fit in , but how far , more the 3/4 of the men that say there straight if not already will come out , look around , open your eyes ! now that it is more open being gay you will see more men coming out , my 20 year nef. is more man then half of theses guys today , its not the 21th century thing.! its men were
the same 1960s/70s people that fucked the world up ,fucked there kids up and now its payback , women are tuffer and men are fems ..... becouse when there kids fucked up thay would not do anything about it, IT JUST MAKES ME SICK
Anonymous (#1524)
orrrrrrrrrr ya'll just being bitches.
Anonymous (#1895)
hey guys come on just cos his hair and clothes are different i mean he might be a really nice guy to talk to however i highly doubt he'll be able to talk much with a dick in his mouth A MAN SHUD BE A MAN NOT A GUY WHO LOOKS MORE LIKE A BITCH THAN HIS GIRLFRIEND
Anonymous (#2354)
How about this one: Left- a MAN, Right- a BOY..
Anonymous (#2379)
Maybe women got tired of being beaten up by guys three times their size.
Anonymous (#2623)
The real "MEN" are all locked up for slapping around their women.
Anonymous (#2759)
I hate those metrosexual, crying EMO boys. If they don't commit a 'beautiful suicide', AIDS will get them.

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