Little Sirene

Little Sirene

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Anonymous (#371)
i just watch 8mm, so this is kinda freaky
Anonymouse (#440)
Is it wrong that this gave me a boner?
Anonymous (#644)
wheres he stick the dick?
Anonymous (#843)
i think he's gonna ripp her tail off and then nail her

yeah im weird
suomynonA (#1229)
ha ha fish smell funny
Anonymous (#1347)
the internet is a crazy fucking place
Anonymous (#1442)
At #1347 - Ikr, he covered all the holes up. What's WITH that.
Anonymous (#3824)
Its about power n dominance. Showing your slave whose boss. He probably humiliated her by taking the pic then flogged her. At least I hope thats what my Master would do to me...
Anonymous (#5952)
Anonymous (#6319)
Holy shit, my ex used to get me to do exactly this. She always wanted to dress up as a mermaid. And yes, I'd bend her over, pull down the top of her tail and sex away. Gosh I miss her. Who would have thought she'd end up stripping AFTER college?
Anonymous (#6320)
She kind of looked like a hotter version of her too. Sort of like Aerial from The Little Mermaid......... but with brown hair and no real tail. TLM was her favorite movie... Then again, the Lion King was up there on her list too and Snow White so maybe it was a good thing we broke up after we acted out the Mermaid.

Then again I ended up with a friend of hers and she's a damn half-furry. Really hot girls are FUCKED UP. They're so insecure.

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