Hold F11

Hold F11

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Anonymous (#370)
I laughed so hard!!! Hell is gonna be so fun!!!
Anonymous (#372)
I don't get it? Clearly I fail at the Internets.
Anonymous (#373)
^ PROTIP: press and hold, not just press
Anonymous (#376)
I lol'd
Anonymous (#380)
fuck you mac keyboard -.-
Anonymous (#381)
yea i still dont get it.
all it did was like appear then dissapear, really fast.
Anonymous (#384)
I am an awful person
I can't stop laughing
Anonymous (#385)
Anonymous (#397)
Anonymous (#404)
:( too soon, peeps. too soon.
Anonymous (#406)
I tried. I really did...

But I laughed.
Anonymous (#408)
awwwhhhh :(
Person Man (#416)
Oh gawd, I laughed so hard... I hate myself.
Nikh (#428)
Forgive me Japan, but i laughed too! Couldn't resist !!!!!
Anonymous (#503)
I dont get it :(
Anonymous (#563)
what is suppose to happen tell us!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous (#568)
It shakes like an earthquake...not funny jan
Anonymous (#572)
mac keyboard rarrrw
Anonymous (#758)
I don't get it, when I hold F11 Fx4 goes into fullscreen once then goes inactive and doesn't care anymore about f11 <_<
so I guess the constant fullscreen swapping is supposed to be the earthquake.
Anonymous (#810)
@ post above io got ff5 and yesd its a " earthquake" and its badass xD we are all going to burn ^^
Anonymous (#834)
i love the Internets this is funny
Anonymous (#860)
haha niiice lol
Anonymous (#1042)
I feel horrible lol!
Anonymous (#1406)
Anonymous (#1602)
haha everyone is anonymmus
Anonymous (#2945)
For all the people who don't get it (that included me the first minute, 'cause the creator of the image is stupid):
Maximize your browser, then press and hold F11 (full screen), then (maybe) laugh. If you do this in a windowed browser, it really makes no sense at all.

Spoiler: the image "shakes" up and down, making it look like an earthquake
Anonymous (#3873)
Sorry japan, but I can't stop: HAHAHA!!

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