Look at my entire dog

Look at my entire dog

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Anonymous (#365)
im confused on this one...
Anonymous (#366)
don't see what is supposed to be funny about this
Anonymous (#367)
who told you pigroll is supposed to amuse you, faggot?
Anonymous (#369)
Someones on their rag
Anonymous (#409)
If it isn't supposed to amuse you, then it must be supposed to be serious. In which case it seriously sucks, faggot.
Anonymous (#591)
its ment so you scroll over so you dnt see legs and you think its a labrador but the whene u scroll down its small legs i wont say its funny but its the joke
Anonymous (#706)
its funny.

he is displaying the dog so that yuo see all of it
Anonymous (#1032)
EXCELLENT. One of the best.
Anonymous (#2671)
it's fucking funny, k?
if you don't like it, shut up
Anonymous (#3099)
that's a gorgeous dog...makes me miss my old Labrador.

*le sigh* memories...

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