Joseph Fritzl in a cool t-shirt

World's Greatest Dad

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geoffrey leonard (#66)
What about the last time u had sex with anybody? that was an evil occassion wasnt it? there was no, no consent there was there?
Anonymous (#80)
Fail photoshop abilities. I'm pretty sure arms wouldn't look like that on an old man.
Anonymous (#125)
Joesef Fritz anyone?
Anonymous (#533)
yup to the photoshop.
look at the head n hair then look at the shadow..
Anonymous (#1937)
@533 Yeah the shadow is definitely of a black guy.
TheOne (#3664)
The man in the photo is real and NOT photoshoped...This picture was taken inside a holding cell.

The Story Behind this Man Goes as follows:

The Fritzl case emerged in April 2008 when a 42-year-old woman, Elisabeth Fritzl (born April 6, 1966), told police in the town of Amstetten, Austria, that she had been held captive for 24 years in a concealed corridor part of the basement area of the large family house by her father, Josef Fritzl (born April 9, 1935), and that Fritzl had physically assaulted, sexually abused, and raped her numerous times during her imprisonment. The abuse by her father resulted in the birth of seven children and one miscarriage; four of the children joined their mother in captivity, and three were raised by Josef and Rosemarie Fritzl and reported as foundlings.
Anonymous (#3762)
@Theone yeah we know he's real. But the reason ppl are calling "shopped" is because he's been photo shopped into a dad of the year t-shirt ..... d'oh!!!

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