Are you a Jew?

Are you a Jew?

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Jennifer (#557)
People like you perpetrate hate, you ignorant excuse for a human being!
Jennifer (#558)
You ignorant people breed hatred...
Anonymous (#559)
Ignorant asshole!
Jennifer (#560)
Ignorant jerk!
Anonymous (#646)
HA, Jennifer is butthurt.
Anonymous (#713)
so ignorant!
Jenn is def hurt, but keep on keepin on bro <3 (OP, not Jenn, fuck that ho).
Anonymous (#788)
in case you didnt notice, this pic is actually making fun of the Nazi.
Anonymous (#800)
lulz @ all teh jewz ragin it up
Anonymous (#1483)
jews gonna jew
Sheriff* (#1754)
- Are you a Jew?

- Well, I'm a fucking Jew?

Right words?
Anonymous (#1922)
I'm Jewish and I think this is funny its not ignorant Jennifer you stupiddd
Anonymous (#1926)
this is ignorant, leav jenn alone hesa cool guy and he jumps around and soesn't afraid of anything
Anonymous (#2134)
lmfao @above
Anonymous (#2235)
hahahha funny as hell
Anonymous (#2459)
jew kidding me ?
IGNORANT (#2806)
Anonymous (#2930)
Hitler a real hero for Jews
EinsteinGoldBergNose (#3947)
Jews will not stop to steal worlds ressources. They dont come infront of you and shout that he is one. They are undercover in Western Goverments. Why else should they care about minority race of 0,02 % of the total population of our planet ? We should take care of those anti human Jews

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