Old naked guy hanging from the ceiling by his balls

Guru meditation

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Anonymous (#287)
Bigger question: Where is his dick?
Anonymous (#288)
I'm going back and forth between whether or not this is a guy getting off or a murder scene
Anonymous (#289)
Hidden in his stretched scrotal skin.

He's not dead, he's doing it for the lulz. Dead guy wouldn't hold his hands like that. Unless he was hung after rigor mortis set in, but then he wouldn't have baby powder on his balls and hands.
Anonymous (#294)
On second thought that might be just coke ;)
Anonymous (#345)
omg thats vile!
Anonymous (#425)
atleast he's using johnsons baby powder
Anonymous (#449)
Anonymous (#554)
Spiderman, spiderman, hangs from whatever he can...
Anonymous (#874)
well...at least we found out why he was linping for a while lol
Anonymous (#1324)
Grandpa ?
Tiger Jayman (#2403)
Anonymous (#2608)
what the f...
Anonymous (#2742)
Father Teo has a few secrets he keeps from his congrigation
Anonymous (#3297)
Thats one way to get a Close shave
Anonymous (#3367)
He has no penis?
Anonymous (#3368)
And will any children he has after that be shaped like cat dog?
King (#3379)
Nice style
fuck me (#3399)
holy shit
TheOne (#3523)
Its a neo Yoga-Work-Out.
"How's it hanging Grandpa...Grandma's looking for her baby-powder and she's calling you a pussy because you have NO Dick!"
Anonymous (#4023)
Guys will do anything to not have children
Anonymous (#6794)
as long as he's circumcised

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