Tracey is wrong about squaring irrational numbers

Women can't do math

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Anonymous (#709)
I've been goin' round voting down all these god damned sexist pictures
Anonymous (#781)
Who gave women the right to vote on these?
Anonymous (#845)
@709 get a life, fuckface !!!!
Anonymous (#2857)
you need a good cock in your anus
TheOne (#3541)
You bunch of woman need to accept the fact that you are "WOMAN!"
No one is putting you down, "its just a joke" and you can do the same to man but your job is to please him, "wither you like it or not" because I'm a man and I hate the fact that I desire a woman but that's what makes me human..!
TheOne (#3542)
In other words and "with all respect' man is a little bit greater then females and woman just have to get over the fact that they are lesser...Yet in this world we most definitely need each-other to survive and to multiply in the earth, etcetera.
Male is positive and the Woman serves as Negative, you put both of them together, they connect to make "One!"
Anonymous (#3983)
pussy looks like an exploded hot pocket still in the packet.

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