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Lord of the Flies essay

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Anonymous (#229)
This stuff is genius love it!
Anonymous (#230)
Whoever wrote that had some fucking balls.
Anonymous (#231)
Love the part about using the oozing brain as anal lube :>
Ninjot (#232)
this man is a God
Anonymous (#238)
Fucking genious!
Nick (#278)
God damn that's so funny! How old was this guy?
Anonymous (#752)
i want moar!!
Anonymous (#936)
Robo (#1267)
Anonymous (#1513)
Adam Miller - student & god of writing
Anonymous (#1718)
Anonymous (#1851)
^ then you're dumb for passing up the opportunity to read a literary masterpiece.
Anonymous (#4042)
You can't read this on a mobile device. This is 2014. Get your shit together.

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