Ripped kid is ripped

Come at me, bro

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the oher (#890)
Anonymous (#891)
Anonymous (#892)
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Anonymous (#1540)
The Situation: The Early Years
Anonymous (#1649)
kill that fucking kid. kil it with fire.
who the fuck cares who i am (#2667)
hmm dang that kids sticks steriods in his food when his parents isn't looking
Anonymous (#2693)
myostatin deficiency !
Anonymous (#3026)
Jersey shore, mothereffer!
Anonymous (#4418)
Daaaammmm he's ripped...... Teach me to get ripped like that please
Anonymous (#4954)
His abs have separated, that's what you get from using Human Growth Hormone, intestines in your gut keep growing. He's the next Ronnie Coleman. Watch out for him in 2030

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