Everybody chill the fuck out

Everybody chill the fuck out

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Anonymous (#2095)
thats not even funny dude ):
Jay (#2492)
I hate cutting myself while shaving!!!
Anonymous (#2765)
this man killed by Islamic republic regime in Iran.
He was killed in a protest against election fraud.
Anonymous (#3425)
not funny at all.
this guy got shot by sniper in protests agains the election results in Tehran/Iran
Anonymous (#3428)
BAMF.LOL.JK (#3937)
Straight up, man. While you folks be sitting around enjoying whatever form of decadent lifestyle you choose, people in places like this are fighting for their most basic rights. Like seriously. You ignorant fucking prick! Go get a fucking gory-ass picture from any of the thousands of shitty fucking hollywood movies this mindless god-damn country churns out every year. Movies that you probably think have cool "special effects, bro." Now, forgive me for assuming you're American just because you're a gigantic ignorant shit satchel. But your probably are. Also forgive me for assuming (inferring?) that you like action movies b/c it makes you feel better about your worst shortcoming, which I shall detail below.

Here's what I think you should do. Take a picture of your fucking measly and most certainly impotent cock and put your meme captions on it. That's something we can all laugh at. In fact I think we can all safely agree that your penis doesn't "got this" in any sense of the colloquialism, making this hypothetical meme (of your penis, brainiac) far more hilarious than this dribble which you have posted.

Really though, it must be so miserably tiny. Why else would you post such ignorant fucking shit? Why post absurdly offensive crap from your parents basement when you could be out banging babes? Dream on, tiger. That thing looks like it came from The Twilight Zone or some shit. The really, really small, insignificant, easy-to-gloss-over Twilight Zone. The only thing your junk is getting tonight are the pizza crumbs and spilt Mountain Dew that inevitably makes it's way down your Mom's bed frame while you feverishly masturbate to her college pics. Seriously though, who the fuck does that? If I was your Mom I would fucking slap you for being an incestuous fuck. You fucking perv. God. Go home, you must be drunk.

But like seriously, you're an ignorant dick. Or maybe you posted this to restore your faith in humanity, expecting us to tear you a new gaping, sideways vagina. In your forehead. For being a fucking cock sucker. In that case, you're welcome. Somebody else reading this please feel free to join in, I need to calm down or some shit.

I just pray the poor bastards who experienced this violence don't see your pathetic excuse for a cock. I mean joke.

... I meant cock. Peace!
Anonymous (#3946)
While you're sitting around making fun of other people's dicks, pizza crumbs and Mountain Dew, there are people in the world who lost their genitals to wild animals, are starving to death and have no access to drinking water. Didn't think of that, did you, you insensitive fuck? I'm going to pray for your soul.

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