9/11 cake

9/11 cake

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Anonymous (#57)
alright, now that shit's just not funny...
Anonymous (#83)
thats fucked up
Anonymous (#146)
epic win epic funny
Anonymous has spoken
Anonymous (#569)
he will die in a plane crash
Anonymous (#576)
it was funny, fags
Anonymous (#717)
Not funny. Oh well, it's his problem.
neliszz (#1049)
@ Anonymous (#569)
I hope he's alone then in that plane...
HAHA (#1167)
Oh man.. Get over it people.. I lol'd hard, at you and the pictures

My balls, suck em and get over it
Anonymous (#1195)
eh, it would be more funny if the guy didn't look like a total douche bag.
Anonymous (#1217)
LMAO. This kid looks like a fuckin chode. Piece of shit thinks it's so cool playing with ginger bread.
I fuck europe bitches (#1637)
When your the best country in the world everybody hates... its cool tho u bitches still want to be us ...so suck some nuts watch our movies and buy our shit.... you all would be speaken German if it wasnt for us....hahah you cant defend your self but u talk crap....lol BITCHES....
Anonymous (#1743)
What year did the US join WWII? Slackers.
Anonymous (#2004)
@1637. Nearly all of the products in your Negro shack is made either in China, or India, so why would we want "your" stuff, when its technically Chinese? and, as 1743 said, how long did it take you to join the war, sir? And what language were you typing in sir? to my understanding, it was English, so please, calm the fuck down.
Lots of love-
Great Britain <3
Anonymous (#2384)
9/11 weren't all that tragic. So 3000 bozos died. More people die every goddamn day from heart disease and I don't see anyone gettin' huffy about fatties whose hearts give out.
Anonymous (#2480)
im not offended by anything really. However i didn't really find much humor in this. poor taste, and a desperate attempt at being funny.
Anonymous (#3450)
@2480 with other words: you mad as hell, trying to be cool. faggot.
Anonymous (#3493)
Where I can buy this t-shirt?

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