Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend chart

Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend

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RetPally (#835)
Fuck that I had a girlfriend when I had a level 80 Paladin. You guys just don't know how to keep bitches in line.
Anonymous (#1186)
Fuck paladins.
Anonymous (#2385)
The chart forgot that 10% don't even wanna look at women. That's why half the players in WoW have big bulky guys, cuz they're better on the eyes than some skinny bitch lol :P
Anonymous (#4264)
Arn't paladins gays ?
Anonymous (#6328)
I had a girlfriend who 100%-ed Fallout 3. She had the best body I've ever seen in my life. Pity she was half-furry and the first time I found out was half way through sex... doggy style.
Anonymous (#6329)
Some might argue that she was a slut. The first time I visited her apartment we were going to have dinner together. Before dinner was done she - without warning (and after saying she wanted to take things slow. I'd known her for 3 days Thursday, Friday, today was Saturday afternoon, not even evening yet) - walked out of her bedroom in just panties and a really tight bed-time t-shirt and a pair of what must have been 5 inch white, stripper heels that she couldn't walk properly in without looking like sex-chattel. She started bending over her sofa and kind of grinded and rotated her buttock area as though to mime that a penis was inside her.

Funnily enough, less than 10 seconds later a penis WAS in her.

Anyone else got any memories like this
Anonymous (#7621)
Well most women nowadays being such Real Whores and sleeping around with different guys all the time, well that would certainly do it which they will never be able to Commit to just only one guy at all anyway unfortunately.

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