Christianity explained

Ta dah!!!

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Anonymous (#1479)
who ever did this is really going to pay in enternal damnation. so tadahh to that.
Anonymous (#2131)
The universe came from nothing. Tah dah!!!
Anonymous (#2571)
Yes I agree, Why even waste your time though? this person is so clueless, but guess what? god still loves you after this. but that doesn't mean you will end up in heaven by any means...
Anonymous (#2611)
So good.
Anonymous (#2971)
Jesus fuck, there's no such thing as god!!! Grow the fuck up!!
Anonymous (#3100)
so instead of being a judgmental ass like #1479, I'm just going to laugh at how blatantly faulty this logic is, then cry a little bit at how many people think it's accurate.

you people really are simple.
Anonymous (#3475)
Have you really stufied the bible?
You must be hurt or lied to or both.
I know i was. My point is, God is love.
He really died for you. He wount hurt you.
He is not the big preacher on tv doing it for the
Money and fame. If you really want to discover
something worth living for, you should study the bible and find out.
And if you do this and really search for purpose in life,
you will find Him people. You will see that there are more
to this life. God is not bad, christianity is really worth it.
This book of life will give you everlasing life, peace and
rest. Its not what you think. These pictures are a joke. Useless, no meaning.
You guys dont have a clue what love is. So it seems....
I cant think someone would think its the true immage of Jesus or the church. (Pathetic and helpless)
Would you die for ONE person? He died for me. Im saved, my life makes sense and
I have purpose. I beleive.
Study it. Historically, cultural and factual and spiritual.
I'm not fighting you, just think before you beleive stuff that are against God, Jesus, holy Spirit and the church.
Its not a bad, it really is a reflection of love. Unselfish and a sacrifice.
Anonymous (#5748)
Rape and kill christians

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