Smeagol kid

Smeagol will show the way

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Anonymous (#1853)
this is not funny, thats sick
Anonymous (#1882)
i agree. this is not ok.
Anonymous (#1907)
shit stuff indeed.
sometimes you are nothin but an dark brown asshole full of shit.
Anonymous (#2012)
this little kid has progeria, thats not funny
Anonymous (#2140)
Fuck the person that posted this. In the eyeball socket.
Anonymous (#2502)
Pedo bear wouldn't touch this shit.

Bring back the days where we threw freaky bitches like this off of a cliff.

Her parents probably dream about holding her head under water every time they bathe the bitch.
Chuck Norris's Ballsack (#2534)
Hello, I am god.
Anonymous (#2874)
this is not good. AT ALL.
Wow (#2884)
This isnt good? Very hilarious, you all need to calm down its really not that big of a deal. Hate people like you always take offense when its just a joke.
Anonymous (#2969)
this is hillarious
Anonymous (#3371)
#2502 that's kind of mean and even I was going to mention how hideous it is lol admire your bluntness though
Anonymous (#3372)
Though I don't get it, what is smeagol
Anonymous (#3577)
i wish the one who posted it will die , this is really offensive !

makes me cry just to think about this cute little girl.
Anonymous (#3908)
man this is rly rly rly rly fucked up why u post this shit
Anonymous (#3998)
Whoever posted this is cruel. And every other person who finds this funny is mean. How would you like it if someone posted something like this about you. Some people in this world are just mean. Poor little girl :(
Anonymous (#5567)
Whoever posted this, repent for your sin! This is a beautiful little girl and your associating her with a monster! Just because she looks different than you doesn't mean she's not a human with real feelings and emotions! I despise people who post this trash, they don't have souls.
Anonymous (#5568)
Why would you do this this is so cruel!
Anonymous (#5569)
This is horrible!

Poor little girl...
Anonymous (#5570)
Whatever sick monster posted this should be jailed!
Anonymous (#5571)
Whoever posted this s**t, you should be arrested!
Anonymous (#5572)
I hate this. The person (if you could call them that) should be jailed. For life!
Anonymous (#5573)
Posting something so horrible should be a crime.
Anonymous (#5574)
You sick monster! You should be in jail! Why would you do this!?

She's just another little girl. Appearances don't matter. Get serious help and grow the hell up.
Anonymous (#5575)
You, whoever posted this, are a sick-minded ****! I hope you get arrested for this!
Anonymous (#5576)
I am appalled at this! Whoever posted this, go to jail! There's no better place for sadistic, shallow-minded clods like you!
Anonymous (#5577)
This is horrible, man! Why the heck would you do this?!?!?!?
Anonymous (#5578)
She so pretty y r ppl so mean about her?
Anonymous (#5579)
I literally feel sick right now, why would anyone even think of posting something so offensive? Whoever did this needs psychiatric help ASAP.
Anonymous (#5580)
I feel like crying. What was whoever posted this thinking?

That little girl is so beautiful... T__T
Anonymous (#5581)
Why would anyone find this hilarious!? They are shallow jerks!
Anonymous (#5591)
To whoever posted this:

Do you realize what a horrible thing you're doing!? I am horrified that anyone can be so cruel! If you don't take this down I will have you arrested! That's a promise!

Think about it.
Anonymous (#6268)
Did you ever have that person arrested? Hahahahaha. But you promised!!! You're such a joke. Such a blind, unfounded threat of ignorance. Think about it.


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