Abortion. Not a difficult concept.

Abortion. Not a difficult concept.

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Anonymous (#357)
This is LITERALLY true, and that is all. The statement that a dog is not a cat is just as pointlessly true. If you think this actually makes any significant point, you are hopelessly fucking stupid.
If every tree in the world disappeared and oxygen was vanishing, what value would that seed have?
Life isn't this fucking simple. People who think it is, are simple themselves, and the world would be better without their poisonous existence.
Anonymous (#363)
It always strikes me how people referring to themselves as "pro life" only care about life when it's a useless bunch of cells, but once it's out of womb and starts to develop its own opinions, they'd like to get rid of its "poisonous existence" by means of electric chairs, hemp ropes, firearms and other tools that give an average christian a raging hardon.
Anonymous (#620)
YES!you,my friend,have just said pretty much what I was about to say before I read your comment, but just after I had read the post by someone who shares the same ideals as (amongst many) a certain German dictator who was head of state from 1934 to 1945. Life only gets complicated when you start believing anything old books tell you...
Anonymous (#804)
No.. an unfertilised human egg is not a person, but we're not talking about aborting unfertilised human eggs are we. Try putting up a picture of a baby at 12weeks and you may start changing your mind. Become a parent and you will find your flippancy on this subject will change.
Anonymous (#920)
This is completely untrue. And thank you to the person the wrote before me. Maybe if you all see the gory pictures of full size babies being poisoned, limbs pulled apart, and burned you would actually understand the murderous act.
Anonymous (#1158)
"This is completely untrue. And thank you to the person the wrote before me. Maybe if you all see the gory pictures of full size babies being poisoned, limbs pulled apart, and burned you would actually understand the murderous act."

Abortion is fuck all like that you nonce.
Anonymous (#1250)
The vast majority of abortions are done within the first trimester, when the zygote/embryo is literally a ball of cells. Anything that says otherwise is dishonest propaganda.

And I know many, many parents who are pro-choice.
Anonymous (#1323)
I'm a pro-choice parent & I'm raising pro-choice children. Establishing personhood on embryos is quite possibly the most mis-guided piece of legislation ever. The ramifications run from just the plain silly to the quite terrible and unknowable. And it will not stop abortions. Figures it comes from Mississippi - a governmental that has elevated keeping it's populace as stupid and ignorant as possible to the highest legislative priority - making sure it infects all aspects of government, and leaving the people with no ability to think for themselves.
Anonymous (#1522)
Well, I do not agree. The fourth figure has all the potential of becoming a person, and that potential should be supported.
Anonymous (#1614)
this is stupid. I dont think there has ever been a case where a cracked egg turned into a chicken
Anonymous (#1753)
er.. this really only works for the morning after pill o.o cuz once that there pollywog cozy up in the dragonball it will be fertilized... eggs you eat = not fertilized, acorn on surface = not fertilized, silk = well wtf that's just catapillar vomit so I don't even get that one. not stating a side on the topic just saying bad argument is bad.
Anonymous (#1786)
Actually an acorn is fertilized. When Oak tree flowered, the pollen (male, sperm) from the stamen traveled to the stigma, formed a pollen tube, and traveled to the ovary, when it met the egg. Fertilization occurred, hormones were released, and the ovary began to swell. Inside that ovary the zygote grew, forming the cotyledons (seed leaves), endosperm (seed food essentially), hypocotyl (seed stem), plumule (seed bud, active growth) and radicle (seed root, also active growth). The swollen ovary hardened, creating the outer shell of the acorn. So yes, the acorn is fertilized. I have no comments on your other arguments.

Another interesting fact it that this acorn most likely won't germinate. Oak actually make horrible quality offspring that die (naturally abort if you will) very soon after leaving their mother tree. That is why oaks produce many acorns at once, to increase their chances, and why their genetic code is hardwired to overproduce acorns every 5-6years.

I have a BS in Plant Science and Biotechnology.

I am pro choice and find this hilarious.
Rannie (#1819)
The egg is not a chicken, true; but both are Gallus gallus domesticus.
The acorn is not an oak tree, true; but both are Quercus sp.
The silkworm's silk is not a dress, true; but what the heck is this analogy doing here (a very poor one, I must say)?!
A human zygote is not an adult human, but how did you get to the point where the former is not a person? Because, the zygote is small, cannot speak, no arms or legs, etc.? That zygote remains part of the species called Homo sapiens.
Anonymous (#1860)
Make decisions for yourself. Why does some else get to decide for me? Isn't that why God gave me a mind? To learn, develop, think about ideas, formulate them, make decisions, eat when we're in need, laugh when we feel it's right, etc????
Anonymous (#2104)
Wow! Why do you people hate babies so much? You bunch of intolerant pedophobics. You should keep your laws off of unborn babies bodies. I am for love not hate.
Anonymous (#2359)
But a bunch of cells is not a baby. Its a bunch of cells that may form into a baby. A bunch of cells has no opinion and really doesn't care, because it cannot care yet.
Anonymous (#2392)
If you're anti-abortion but pro sending sinners to hell then fuck you.
Anonymous (#2413)
IF you so happen to be pro-abortion, I hope you do know your one of the most worthless pieces of shit this earth has ever seen. Even god is ashamed of you. You are fuckin BABY KILLERS! A person is considered someone who has their own set of specific DNA, which means even a fetus a person because they HAVE THEIR OWN SET OF DNA. It doesn't matter if its inside your body. Have you ever heard of adoption? Oh, you don't wanna go thru the pain of giving birth eh? Get a fucking epidural and have a C-section. If you didn't want the baby then you shouldn't be a WHORE and have sex. I hope to see every one of you pro-abortion motherfuckin baby killers burning in hell when I reach the pearly gates. Because then me and Jesus will point and laugh at every one of you motherfuckers. Because your baby killers. AND TO WHOEVER OWNS THIS WEBSITE THAT POSTED THIS PICTURE, YOUR SCREWED IN THE HEAD BECAUSE YOUR A FUCKING FAILED ABORTION!
Anonymous (#2418)
You know who is a baby killer? "God" is a baby killer. "He" kills babys every minute, every hour, every day. He also recommends the killing of actual babies (not just fetuses and embryos) in the bible. This god you guys believe in is a real dick!
Anonymous (#2605)
God doesn't kill babies you idiot. He does however allow us choice. And he does hope that we make GOOD choices, not do whatever the crap we feel like. That's why there's religion on the earth, to help us make GOOD choices. Abortion is murder in all stages of the baby's growth. They are a part of the human species. How dare people go around crying injustice for animals that are slaughtered, yet don't give a rat's ass about their own kind!
Anonymous (#2607)
@#2605 what a lovely God to let us make our good and bad choices. Big change from Bible Times when he'd wipe out an entire village for sinning in his eyes, isn't it.

@#2413 You seem to have missed the point of this picture. Science shows that a ball of cells is no more of a person than a chicken egg. And don't bring the enemy-loving Jesus into this, that's just dumb.

@#1614 no, because we never gave the poor egg a chance. :)

@#1522 any the other three have no potential of becoming something else? If you're going to be pro-life, be pro-LIFE, all kinds of life.

@#804 while you're at it, please find a picture of a chicken fetus and an acorn growing roots. So that we can save the trees and stop taking chicks away from their mothers.

@357 well, since we are in the middle of an environmental crisis, destroying forests being part of that, we should be preserving the trees we have left and planting more. But we as humans are of an overwhelming quantity, and we're sucking up all Earth's resources, so we're not in the same position as that tree, now, are we? Are there any billions of young acorns who were abandoned by their parent trees that are looking for a home? No, that's us humans. So that point, I'm sorry, is invalid.

I'm done now. Carry on.
Anonymous (#2689)
And only whores have sex. Sigh. Thanks so much for clarifying that for us, you fucking pinheaded asshole. You, my darling, should be the poster child for why we SHOULDN'T overly concern ourselves with the vague "potential" of every human cell-clump. Now please go play in traffic... and keep your Neanderthal "ideals" away from my body.
Anonymous (#2690)
If we make sure every single ball of cells gets to turn into a person, and remember, anti-choicers are all anti-birth control too, so there will be a LOT of balls of cells - where are we going to put all the people? And what are they going to eat? There are already over a billion people starving in the world - that's one in seven! Let's see if we can't get that ratio up a bit higher, right?
Vanka (#2711)
The ignorance, hypocrisy, and just plain stupidity of the religious anti-choice zealots never ceases to astound me.

Seriously! Supposedly defending human embryos by calling for the death of full adult human beings who have a different view than you do? How absolutely absurd can you possibly get? Only the poison of religious stuperstition could engender such mental and moral illness.

I hope you find help soon.
Anonymous (#2830)
Just pointing out another flaw in this argument: In all three original cases, people don't seem to mind what happens to the "finished" or "unfinished" example. Egg yolk: people eat. Chicken: people eat. Acorn: people step on it, eat it, etc. are otherwise insensitive to an "acorn's fate." Tree: Paper and raw material. Silk Worm/Silk: this is kind of a weird one because the finished product is not "more alive" than the unfinished one (either silk worm or silk). Regardless, there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern dedicated to the fate of silk OR dresses.
but the last case...
Embryo: maybe. Person: Of course you wouldn't kill them!!!!
It just seems like there should be more weight for the distinction between an embryo and a grown person. that's why there is so much passion surrounding this debate, and chicken vs. yolk. People are willing to eat both a yolk and a chicken (without even pointing out @Anonymous 1753"s argument re: fertilization). It's not a solid analogy to compare that with an embryo/adult
Anonymous (#2955)
#2607: thank you for not being a moron like everyone else
Becky (#3429)
<img src="http://s15.postimg.org/fxeb8boyz/this_is.jpg">
Anonymous (#3936)
God did not just wipe these villages out (I assume you have Sodom and Gomorrah in mind here) for being a friendly neighbor having a beer, or having fun with their girlfriends and skipping the holy day.. No.. He judged the city because they were violent muderers and rapist!
Do you know how far gone they were before God decided to destroy them?
The following scripture makes it clear that people were crying out for God to judge Sodom and Gomorrah..

Genesis 20:
Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous 21 that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.”

And still he allowed Abraham to plea with him..

“Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? 24: What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you really sweep it away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people in it?

26: The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”

This "angry God" you speak of allowed Abraham to talk him down to 10 righteous men.. 10! 10 from 50!
And not one was found..

Have you even read the story?
The men in Sodom and Gommorah wanted to rape angels!
No, they didn't know they were angels but they wanted to rape the unknown strangers.. That's enough to realize how sick they were!
They gathered in a mob to rape people! Good grief, just think about that for a moment!

Of course Lot was wrong to offer up his daughter's.. Still unsure where that came from, what on earth he thought would come of that!? But the Angels DID NOT allow it. Being that the angels were representing God, I believe it's safe to assume that God would not have wanted Lot to give his daughters to those sick people.

So my point here is that God did not just wipe these people out because they were sinners with free will.

To this day there is outcry to God to end the unrighteous of today.. It will happen and not because we of a few little mishaps and mistakes we've made but because o the murder, the rape, and the letting the innocent suffer whole we go about our life's concerned only for ourselves or what the media tells us to be concerned about!
Anonymous (#5939)
In my opinion if that person doesn't want to be pregnant they will find a way to get rid of it . Resulting in harming the,selves to a point that they couldn't have children it better for them to be able to go to a doctor and have it done right. I myself wouldn't have one but that's me and everyone else is entitled to thier own choice and they should be made to feel like a horrible person for making that choice. When you force people to have the baby when they didn't want the kid in the first place you are placing that child in a terrible environment and YOU should be ashamed. No one would want to grow up feeling unwanted.
Anonymous (#5940)
Shouldn't* lol my bad and there is a lot of other things that i didn't write right lol but you get my point.
Anonymous (#6734)
In my opinion if a mother doesn't want her toddler she will find a way to get rid of it . She could hurt herself in the process of killing it so it's better for them to be able to go to a doctor and have the child put down right. I myself wouldn't kill my toddler but that's me and everyone else is entitled to their own choice and they shouldn't be made to feel like a horrible person for making that choice. When you force people to take care of toddlers when they don't want the kid in the first place you are placing that child in a terrible environment and YOU should be ashamed. No toddler would want to grow up feeling unwanted.

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