Jesus doing heroin

Fuck off Jesus

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Lolololz (#59)
Anybody else notice that That Guy and Jesus' arm are the same :S
Anonymous (#64)
heroin guy is hot.. jesus is kind of a style cramper
Anonymous (#322)
ya no fucking shit thats the point of the picture
Real American Ninga (#618)
Anybody else notice the numb-chuckas hanging on the door handle? huh coolio
Harry Potter (#619)
I thought Jesus was supossed to be some sort of religion guy. I didn`t know he rode the horse. WIKED, I`m gonna check out my local church now.
Stephen Sawyer (#1080)
painted by Stephen Sawyer
Jhonny Williams (#2035)
tudo um bando de FDP colocar fotos de Jesus assim
eu nçaao aceeito vãao tomar no cu....
Anonymous (#2393)
Jesus looks like he's having fun.
Thlaylia (#2420)
Who does Jesus see when he gets really fucked up though?
Inci SözLük üyesi (#2544)
yarragimi yiyin ulan
jesus (#3029)
ill bless u while im fly,,,, get our drugs for better live
Anonymous (#6375)
How sad to see these comments! Breaks my heart!😥

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