Watermelon tragedy

The most tragic day in African American history

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Anonymous (#316)
I'm White and this is the most tragic thing i've ever seen :'(
Anonymous (#1069)
Dam dirty niggers
Anonymous (#1388)
i'm not black and thats just racist and lame
Anonymous (#1484)
I'm racist and I find this very black.
Anonymous (#2193)
I'm black and I find this very watermelon.
Anonymous (#2523)
Filthy niggardly 'coons.
Anonymous (#2706)
Oh wow, we still use the work nigger? Im white and i dont like that work so lets stop.
Anonymous (#2707)
Anonymous (#3571)
My IQ isn't low enough for me to laugh like an idiot at this like '' HAHAHAHAHA BLACKS AND WATERMELONS AHAHHAHAHA THEY LOVE THEM AHAHHAHAHA ''

next !
Anonymous (#6742)
You give humanity a bad name. Racist asshole, sincerely -Jon
(white man. )

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