Hunters and dead rabbits

PETA Sucks

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Anonymous (#578)
fucking awesome. /k/ approved
Anonymous (#1360)
the rabbit centipede
Anonymous (#1784)
Hope you feel accomplished because all you look like now is a couple of assholes. Enjoy. (:
People are disgusting. These are worse.
Anonymous (#2267)
@2106 Think about that when you have your next steak!
Anonymous (#2272)
You guys are douche bag assholes killing helpless animals who've done nothing to you and saying a compassionate group sucks. Fuck you bunch of assholes : )
Anonymous (#2421)
at 2272 do you eat meat? if so YOUR EATING DEAD ANIMALS NOW STFU YOU RETARD PETA DOES FREAKING SUCK!they want to take away our rights to hunt and provide for our family's they want to take every animal into bed and show them how it is to be human. FUCK THAT THERE ANIMALS KILL THEM AND EAT THEM
Anonymous (#2474)
I'm going to have a very, very special spot for you two boys in my graphic novel. Your entrails will spell something along these lines. Haha, Happy hunting!
Anonymous (#2584)
haha, you can totally pick out the regular people and the faggy animal rights activists in the comments section. Lol at the guy who thinks that killing rabbits is fucked up, but human gore is awwrite.
Anonymous (#2665)
Lol...PETA kills more 'innocent' animals then these 2 hunters just did... Just saying..
Anonymous (#2680)
what's with all the dislikes?
peta hippie scrubs
fuck retards (#2898)
ya, eating a natural, grass eating, non-hormoned, non-preserved animal is soo wrong!
the grocery store at the corner is waaaay better. besides, grocery stores have been around since mankind evolved right?
butt (#3816)
PETA go die in a fire
Anonymous (#5027)
fuck Peta
Pigfucker (#6481)
Anonymous 2421,

How do you know 2272 eats meat you fucking dickspring?

2665... Explain your spastic comment?

Fucking hell, it's a most elevating sensation to be part of only a small minority of non-pygmy dicked morons, it's quite uplifting.
Even more uplifting would be the knowledge that a good many of you commenting here had abruptly and simultaneously ceased to breathe but hopefully suffered incredible discomfort during your spontaneous asphyxiation.

And yes, I swallowed a dictionary and had a wank over a thesaurus, and then slapped one or both of your parents about, even the 'dead one'.
Anonymous (#6848)
Haha wow, the faggy hunter cock eating shit stains stand out like cum stains on a black blanet in the comments. Just how much cock do you fucks gobble up any way? Sweet jesus...

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