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How to make your school uniform look half decent

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Anonymous (#2712)
Clint Eastwood is not pleased.
Anonymous (#2752)
Well...hurry up! I haven't got all day!
Anonymous (#3478)
Why pedofile shawn as a man???
50% of them are women.
I see discrimination here
Anonymous (#3971)
what's this all about
Anonymous (#4879)
To Anon #3478 - You are SO full of shit it's leaking out of your ears. Sex offender demographics are more like 96% male. Look it up, dumbass. Facts are not hard to find.

The next time you feel the impulse to pull something out of your ass, squat over a toilet first then wipe afterward.
Anonymous (#5620)
Ewww. Jesus Christ, dudes, at least wait until she sprouts some tits.
Anonymous (#6689)
That's the problem with statistics #4879 - going on reports gives you no useful data. Are you seriously saying that if, as an eleven year old boy, a lady came and touched you in your "special place" that your first instinct would be to report it? And that if you did, other people's first response would be to punish her rather than give you a high five? Because dude, you're living in imagination land. It's only in about the past 5 or 10 years that kids have started getting faggotty enough that they report molestation by women, when they do, they're usually not believed, and women in general get lighter punishments even when they're guilty. So it's all bullshit. The assumption is that sexual assaults by women would be non-penetrative and therefore not damaging to the victim either physically or psychologically, and that when the victim is a male they probably enjoyed it or wanted it to happen. When the victim is female, the female perpetrator has a better understanding of girl psychology to control and manipulate the victim and prevent them from reporting it. In both cases (either gender) the female perpetrator is thought of as softer, gentler, more motherly, and less damaging, even if this is not really true. On in exceptional cases, such as where the offender looks like a real witch, or where a male offender was also involved is there as much attention given. In those situations where the offender is female, juries and officials tend not to feel the same degree of disgust, or even any disgust at all. And the victim is usually perceived to have benefited from the episode due to an upgrade in their social status. Ergo, if you just go on raw statistics, you are full of it and a fucktard.

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