Breivik weeps after seeing white kids riding black kids

Breivik is touched

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Anonymous (#2626)
Go Breivik!
Anonymous (#2629)
The white knight gallops his dark steed across the savannah.
Anonymous (#2634)
I tried that with your ma...
Only grip: her nice blonde hair....
Anonymous (#2643)
Hahaha @2629
Anonymous (#2700)
It's very hard to tame those beasts. Someone must be an expert at whipping.
Anonymous (#3221)
This shit is racist don't yall got better things to do
Anonymous (#3439)
@3221 that's what makes it funny. you mad? you black? you not domesticated yet?
racism4life (#4859)
look son, domesticated black shetlands
Anonymous (#4882)
Finally, a workable vision for how blacks and whites can comfortably coexist.
Anonymous (#5622)
See? Niggers CAN be domesticated, if you just break them early enough! Yeee-HAWW!!

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