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Anonymous (#2400)
Oh Pigroll why did you die? Where are you getting your memes from Reddit. Please start uploading every day and make sure they funny.

Sincerely Yours

Anonymous (#2402)
Every day and funny don't go together. Pick one.
Anonymous (#2407)
Silly Pigroll priest don't need condoms to fuck litlle boys
Anonymous (#2408)
i pick funny, pigroll posts are rare lost gems and it should stay that way.
Anonymous (#2411)
Bum sex

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Anonymous (#2426)
jamie bush
Anonymous (#2427)
I am muslim and i find this offensive
Anonymous (#2429)
#2427 if you find this offensive, Then get the FUCK off the internet.
Anonymous (#2430)
hey muslim, suck my pork
Anonymous (#2434)
I fucked a muslim in the ass once. they liked it.
anonymous (#2501)
talk about putting a condom on a prick
.... (#2561)
update your website. What Happened to the Original pigroll? use to be Amazing and Moderately updated. Intresting. "9"/10 memes are Gay and Absolute shit. Great hopefully In time this Site will get Better. Eventually. Time is Ticking pigroll. Your site is Eroding. Right that sums up what i think.
Anonymous (#2756)
#2429 , #2430 , #2434 ... I am a Muslim and proud ,,
You sons of adultery motherfuckers !!
James (#3876)
I'm so Glad I never followed those Horribly Misguided Fuckers

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