English team's sad little faces

Their sad little faces with no hope

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Anonymous (#2397)
as a Polish person, I don't remember ever meeting anyone from Poland who'd be named "Igor". Just sayin'.
Anonymous (#2399)
Couldn't find data for 1996, but last year Igor was the 15th most popular name given to newborn boys in Poland. Just sayin'.
Anonymous (#2416)
Be that as it may, I still haven't met any. From that list, I've also never met any Marcel or Antoni. At least one under, like, 50.
Anonymous (#2449)
well, I'm from '86, traveled all over the country and didn't meet any Igor in my entire life. Dude u got trolled.
Anonymous (#2817)
@2397 @2449
so you've probably never in Poland, or you don't have friends.

I'm from Poland, and I've 3 friends named Igor. Just type "Igor" in FB search and check, founded persons nationality. Maybe it's not as popular name as Marcin, or Kamil, but there is more than half Igor in Poland. Promise.

About 'quotation' from picture it's fake and exist only on polish demotivers.
Anonymous (#3039)
Antoni is very popular name among newborns right now. I've met one marceli, he's like university age now. But no Igors, typical Russian name. Anyway it's only a joke so fuck names, the point is what's important.

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