Poopy-Time Fun Shapes

Poopy-Time Fun Shapes

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Anonymous (#1669)
I poop with a star shaper poopy-time
René Chapus (#1679)
I am more of the heart-shapped poop kinda guy
Anonymous (#1682)
They should make a double-tipped one so my girlfriend can poop in my butt.
:D (#1702)
Anonymous (#1785)
sooo disturbing
Anonymous (#1836)
What a great idea for a Valentine's present! Poopy-heart! Hahaha!
Anonymous (#2778)
So do they shove it up their ass or what?
TheOne (#3546)
WTF is this shitty world coming to..?
I know and "END!"
TheOne (#3551)
The kid in the picture is like "Oh Shit' that feels a little weird!"
But the little girl is obviously "Loving it!" :D
Ben Dover (#4381)
Is this for real? Where can I get this? This would be a great gag gift
to send to my friends
Anonymous (#4902)
If this is real, why don't they actually make the Mr. Hankey toy?
Anonymous (#5649)
Not sure where you can get Mr. Poopy Time, but here's the link for The Turd Twister:

Anonymous (#7178)
Oh my god the comments😂😂😂😂😂 especially the one about the girlfriend pooping in your butt

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