Christmas sucked for some first world kids this year

Christmas sucked for some first world kids this year

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Anonymous (#1604)
Fucking spoilt kids, made me rage hard.
Fred (#1605)
Apple: Changing the world for the worse.
Anonymous (#1606)
Anonymous (#1607)
‎You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: you live in a first world country and you have a regular income so shut up you little shits
Anonymous (#1609)
Somebody saw the Amazing Atheist video.
Ungrateful little shits.
Anonymous (#1610)
#1609 Not yet but I'm hitting up youtube now haha
Anonymous (#1611)
The essence of the "occupy" movement
René Chapus (#1613)
i don't want to live on this planet anymore -_-'
Black Guy. (#1615)
I didn't get an iPod this Christmas, but my neighbour did.. hmmm..
Anonymous (#1616)
If I spoke to my parents like that for not getting me something, they would have beaten me senseless. Ungrateful little shits
Nesha Logan (#1617)
I keep dropping my baby :( & I just be like wtf how did that happen...
Anonymous (#1618)
Further proof of the direct correlation between Apple products, Twitter, and douches.
Crazykiller (#1620)
Ungrateful cretins in society. Well If those people want a Ipad or car, Get a job and save up. People think stuff gets handed to you in life for free, Well it doesnt.
Anonymous (#1624)
the idea of becoming a serial killer has just grown more than a half
Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past (#1628)
Thousands of years ago before the dawn of man as we knew it. There was no santa but a giant ape that created toys to be thrown at predators. Until the GREAT CICRCULATING happen where robots can from the sky and made Robot giant ape to fend of the elves. So this pool is on top of a elven graveyard.
Anonymous (#1633)
i dont know who you are but....jon hendren we owe you
Handbanana (#1634)
Tonight you. I mite just have to haul you off.
As for.jon hendren come at me bro.
Anonymous (#1656)
I didn't get anything for christmas and it was one of the best ones because I spedt it with my family. These ungrateful brats should be sent to africa...
Crazykiller (#1657)
Totally agree. People take money for granted, If their when to Africa im sure their would suicide.
Someone get their addresses because i'll rock up to their houses with a chainsaw.
Anonymous (#1680)
wow ...
i wish i could beat up every single one of them ... seriously
i would send them to africa and let work till they start to piss blood

this motherfuckers dont even deserve a bullet in the head because the bullet is worth more than they are
Anonymous (#1687)
I fell their pain; my mom kept hinting that i wuz gunna get a iphone. fucking bitches didnt get me one, to all you haterz you dont understand how painfull it iz having iphone envy.
Crazykiller (#1696)
#1687 Stfu and get a life, Honestly. If you want a iphone buy one. Yet another dropkick in society. I didnt get what i wanted for christmas, And yet i'm not whining and bitching about not getting something i wanted. I wanted a AA 12 shotgun but i didnt get it, so next day i bought one just in time for a christmas killing spree. Happy ending.
Anonymous (#1745)
I didn't want an iPhone.... I expected a good blowjob.
Finally I got a chichen plate an some Ice cream...
Should I feel disapointed...? I dunno.
hater (#2280)
you know what i got for christmas? a fucking hug from my mother and a ham, cuz thats all i asked for.
Anonymous (#3019)
Well Im not Christian, i didn't get a Christmas.
Anonymous (#3746)
Okay so the person who got a map of Maryland while their brother got an iPhone.. Okay that sucks. Yeah. What the hell? But everyone else...?

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