Meanwhile, in the Internet Command Center

Meanwhile, in the Internet Command Center

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ghoul (#1391)
Dear U.S.A,
What the FUCK?

The rest of the world
Anonymous (#1834)
I think I have that same joystick!
miles (#1973)
so ghoul why does this have to do with the usa... it could be any random fuck in the world lol...
Matt (#2491)
Stop kicking me off of chat roulette!
Anonymous (#2590)
Looks like Danny McBride in "Your Highness".
Anonymous (#2632)
Thats the Future xD
Anonymous (#2811)
DAMNIT if he had a hitler mustache this would be
ghoul (#3005)
I don't know. I act like a faggot sometimes.
TheOne (#3521)
"Up-up and Away!" or "Beep me up Scottie!"

This is F@cking crazy Sh!t...WTF is the world coming too..!

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