Nazi girls love milk

Nazi girls love milk

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Anonymous (#1038)
Anonymous (#1039)
there is so much weird crap on this crazy little world
Anonymous (#1040)
Anonymous (#1043)
I don't know why, but this sitting girl really turns me on :D
Anonymous (#1044)
@1043 sure its female?
Anonymous (#1047)
@1043 If getting your balls curb-stomped is your thing, go for it bro!
Anonymous (#1067)
@1043 Rule 34: No excuses.
Anonymous (#1078)
Cleopatra supposedly bathed in donkey milk. They thought it bleaches your skin.

Maybe she wants to become whiter by doing the same.
Clams (#1079)
Oh so that's how Yankee Candles are made
Euronymous (#1247)
I feel like pedobear now...
Anonymous (#1539)
hello do you know who the artist is?
Anonymous (#1568)
Both are hot, especially the one hiding her face.
Anonymous (#1830)
Is that a HK416 hanging on the wall?
Anonymous (#1852)
you dumb fuck, that's not an HK416. how do you know enough about guns to have heard of an hk416 and not know what type of rifle is in the picture?
pzzzzzzzzzzz (#1901)
Anonymous (#2352)
Sweet girls, I would liek tos pent a day with these girls =)
Anonymous (#2942)
Looks like a National Bolshevik promotion picture, but the m4 is out of place. This is most assuredly a modern neo-nazi like group and not American.
Anonymous (#4291)
Wtf is wrong with people a lot of nut jobs out there
Anonymous (#5648)
Homemade flag of the Third Reich, the failstika in the middle does not have a cross or arms that are wide enough to reproduce the dimensions of the original.
Anonymous (#6326)
There is something hot about this.
Anonymous (#6697)
It's from Dany Peschl, an artist/photographer who is always doing the weirdest shit.

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