Thug life

Thug life

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Anonymous (#305)
Hollllaaa boiiii
Anonymous (#318)
Notice the bongs in the background...
Anonymous (#552)
The human race has failed.
Anonymous (#553)
The human race has failed.
Anonymous (#1346)
hella GAY..DAMN
americunt (#1773)
I just can't figure out why so many blacks end up in prison.
Anonymous (#1911)
Africans copying African Americans...sometimes they take it too far. lol
Anonymous (#2587)
Anonymous (#2924)
AR15 with 30-round magazines. Buy it.
Anonymous (#2949)
These guys are obviously gay. When they get to prison they'll rape, but as a society we'll say "oh it's just because they're in prison." Bullshit. Why are we letting rapists off the hook? Would you rape men if you had to go 2 years without getting pussy?
Anonymous (#3103)
Thus why we have AR15's and dont have to depend on the pigs to shoot little fuckers like this. Its amazing the government wants to restrict gun ownership on people who obey the fucking law. Yet little fuckers like these sorry excuses for Black folks own what they want and do what they want. Laws are for the the lawful only it would seems. Wake the fuck up AMERICA.
Anonymous (#3564)
Obviously they were kidding, only an imbecile wouldn't understand that.

To #3103 why the fuck would you want to '' shoot little fuckers like this '' you sick fuck ?

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