Meanwhile, in America

Meanwhile, in America

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Anonymous (#1070)
fuck yes! this is how we do it in america, you britags still mad because we kicked your ass over 200 years ago?
Anonymous (#1417)
ha so true
Anonymous (#1768)
There's a British conspiracy to fatten up Americans so they can eat us.
Anonymous (#1994)
9/11 Americans won't be able to fight back when it's our turn.
-love Britain.
Anonymous (#2234)
boomer ?
Anonymous (#3444)
911 was an inside job and mcdonalds is the real weapon of mass destruction. but thankfully americans are too stupid to understand.
Anonymous (#4818)
@1070 1417 ..still going on about 200 years ago …only war they won alone !! Vietnam kicked your asses with stealth and smart thinking , oh Black hawk down Yeah !!! ha fat fucking idiots with big mouths , i lived in your country for 5 years , fucking hard work you brainless "god bless America" bullshit / nice country loved fucking your women thou …retarded men haha
Anonymous (#6425)
Actually, We had help from the frogs in the revolutionary war. GB doesn't have a good track record winning wars by themselves either.
Anonymous (#6476)
"still going on about 200 years ago …only war they won alone".

If it wasnt for the french, their joke of a nation would not even exist.
Anonymous (#6873)
Britain has beaten every country on the planet including you inbred retarded fat fucks so go and fuck your cousin cletus. Oh.... and if you beat britain why was the british empire still around for another what 250 years after that? LOL u angry americunts?

Yankee shitheads lol

remember when we beat you trashed up americunt pussies in your own country and destroyed your capital? lolololol
Anonymous (#6950)
Fuck you dude i fuck you wife and daughters and whole family they all go get fuck!
Anonymous (#7654)
You all only won against us in WW2 cuz of the Russians. So please get off ur plastic throne.
Anonymous (#8216)
The british are ugly and their teeth are rotten

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